Magnetic Mic Bulk Pack

25 Single Unit Conversion Kits

Item number: MMBP-25


The Magnetic Mic Bulk Pack includes:

  • Twenty-five (25) magnetic base pieces
  • Twenty-five (25) slotted metal disc adapters
  • Twenty-five (25) sets of mounting hardware
  • Twenty-five (25) hex keys
  • Installation and safety instructions

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  1. Our police officers love these in their patrol cars!

  2. Definitely a great addition to our product. We MFG Center consoles for Emergency vehicles. Practically every customer that walks in our door to buy a console, walks out with a Mag Mic!! Best idea since sliced bread!!

  3. Easy to use. Quality product.

  4. We had previously used magnets for all of our radio mics in our fleet. When we replaced our radio’s we noticed that the new mics would not adhere to the magnet because the back of the mic is now a non-ferrous metal. This product is the solution we have been searching for. This innovative product allows any microphone to be compatible with magnetic mic holders. Even if you have never used magnets to secure your mics, this kit supplies everything you need to enjoy the safety and benefits of a magnetic microphone holder. You will not be disappointed in the quality of this product. We were so pleased we bought 31 of these kits which covers the needs of our police fleet.

  5. Great product!

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