Magnetic Mic Single Unit

1 Single Unit Conversion Kit

Item number: MMSU-1


The Magnetic Mic Single Unit conversion kit includes:

  • One (1) magnetic base piece
  • One (1) slotted metal disc adapter
  • A set of mounting hardware
  • Hex key
  • Installation and safety instructions

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  1. This has to be one of the simplest items on the market , It works so well that I can keep both eyes on the road while reaching for the mic while responding to a incident in the day light or night time . no more fumbling trying to hook it up , it just snaps in place . A+

  2. This magnetic mic holder is a tremendous asset for us when responding code 3. It is much safer not to have to hit a conventional mic hook when enroute. Thank you !!

  3. Saves fubbling to hang up the mic

  4. Easy to install with excellent instructions. one less distraction is always a good thing.

  5. I first came in contact with the Magnetic Mic in 2014. Since the initial contact we have started using the Magnetic Mic conversion on new apparatus as well as retrofitting old apparatus! The Magnetic Mic allows operators to retrieve the Mic safely without struggle!

  6. This is a super safe item and I recommend it to everybody

  7. This is a great option for undercover vehicles

  8. Great product, it installed quickly and works great. Already can tell that the rest of the cars will benefit from this.

  9. Great product

  10. First Off, great customer service, online ordering was easy and shipping was very fast. The designer of the packaging for the Magnetic Mic is an artist, very impressive. Installation was very easy. This will change your life! No more fumbling around and having to take my eyes off the road to re-hook the mic. The magnet just grabs it and it is secured. Also easy to pick up. Very impressed with it. Buy it, you will not regret it.

  11. I am a local installer/vendor for municipalities and every single department I’ve installed these in ends up changing over the entire fleet. Every aspect from safety, flexibility, durability, installation, AND customer service is top quality. A great product from a well put together operation. Even if you try one, I guarantee you will be back!

  12. Love ease of use of the product. Easy installation along with that ease of use

  13. Just purchased on for my personal vehicle. I have used these at my place of employment and they are fantastic.

  14. No more busted knuckles from pulling the mic from a traditional clip or dropping the mic on the floor because you just can’t concentrate on lining it up and snapping it in while driving. Adds a lot of safety to the public safety vehicle installation.

  15. Great Product, easy to use and install

  16. Magnetic mic is extremely easy to install and use is just a click away, no more fumbling to put the mic back on the holder. Love it!!

  17. This product was easy to install, the magnet is very powerful. On two of our vehicles the mic placements were in a tight spot for sliding your mic out of the clip, now its grab the mic lift off to talk and easy to put back on.

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